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bruach ethical black cashmere travelwrap

Bruach Cashmere Blog #9 Slow and Fast Fashion

“Fast fashion is harming the planet”, MPs say….. The BBC reports today of the House of Commons Environmental Audit Committee.

“The committee’s report to government could include a call for the fashion industry to create less pollution, a demand for longer life for garments and a ban on dumping clothes in landfill.”

Its amazingly positive and interesting that MP’s are trying to address and find solutions to the growing problems that fast fashion brings to us all. Let’s be clear the problems aren’t surmountable and through positive design and production we can offer more positive solution filled choices to our customers.

Among the MP’s questions to the big retailers were the following, but I’ve also added how Bruach does it.

  • How do you create less pollution? At Bruach our ethical collection uses yarn that reduces energy by 76%, water consumption by 89% and CO2 by 96%. Our environmentally friendly packaging is created in an iSO14001 paper mill. We are also incepting a carbon off set program for all manufacture, transport and delivery as we work towards carbon balance and a carbon neutral goal.
  • Longer life of garments? Bruach garments if cared for will become softer and better with time, extending their life. Handmade using the finest materials helps with this creating a sympathetic and non stressed process.
  • Do you pay the living wage and how do you ensure child labour is not used in factories? Bruachs artisans are located in the Scottish Borders and Fife, working with heritage skills have been perfected over generations. Our yarns are made on the shores of Loch Leven or in Tuscany to the highest of standards.
  • Do you use recycled materials? Bruach does, we are one of the few to work around the globe with ReVerso ethical yarns.
  • How long do you keep clothes, and how do you encourage recycling? All of our garments are made to order so there zero waste in stock, all the garments we make can be returned at the end of the life, repaired or recycled via other ReVerso programs to make new yarns. These are certified and accredited systems.
  • Do you incinerate unsold or returned stock?
  • How are you reducing the flow of microfibres into the sea? Our garments tend to lose little in terms of fibre, if any is shed in the pilling process these can be removed by hand, however all our materials are organic natural fibres and not synthetic and such will biodegrade very quickly. Typically in soil they will lose 95% of mass within 15 weeks, by example Plastic may take 1000-1,000,000 years.

To see why and how we do it, take a look at our Intarsia and Leopard homepage feature, which shows images of our artisans, how we work and the way we make our ethical travel wraps.



leopard print cashmere travel wrap scarf

Bruach Cashmere Blog #8 Leopard

Through a desire to innovate and to illustrate our skills we have created a contemporary leopard print travel wrap, combined with the finest Italian ReVerso™ cashmere yarn, to create the world’s only ethical cashmere leopard print travel wrap.


Bruach Cashmere is unique in the way we combine both ethical production by our artisans and our choice of ethical ReVerso™ cashmere yarn. We have selected two colour ways to compliment your autumn winter wardrobe; traditional leopard colours with sand & browns, and black with an ivory and grey pattern.


The Leopard Print collection is created by hand intarsia, not machine. Intarsia ‘inlaid by hand’ achieves a quality and pattern that a machine can’t produce.

model wearing a brown ethical cashmere travel wrap and silk blouse

Bruach Cashmere Blog #7 Ethical Cashmere

There is a lot of focus right now on sustainable fashion, circular fashion, ethical fashion, and at Bruach Cashmere we wanted to address this, and create a truly ethical cashmere travel wrap.

We don’t create garments which are exclusively seasonal, nor with obsolescence in mind. Our Bruach Ethical wraps, whilst functional for travel, are an accessory you can use season after season, for travel and commuting. Our garments are handcrafted in the Scottish Borders, using hand intarsia skills, and bespoke for each customer.

The ReVerso™ cashmere yarn takes the pre-consumer waste from the mills in Italy, collects and sorts the fibres, and then spun with a tiny bit of extra fine merino to reinforce the cashmere fibre. The result is a super soft re-engineered cashmere yarn, made out of recycled cashmere – considerably reducing waste and energy in the process. All the waste generated in the mill from the production of the travelwraps is returned to be used within the manufacturing process.

We are excited about working together; mill, artisans and clients, to close the fashion loop, developing colours and designs as our community grows.

cashmere baby blanket, baby travel wrap

Bruach Cashmere Blog #6 Bruach Baby

The arrival of a new baby is a very special occasion, it is a celebration for both family and friends.

A cashmere travel wrap makes the perfect luxurious gift for a baby shower, a blanket to bring baby home, or as part of baby’s christening outfit.
They can be used every day, when transporting baby in their pram, car seat or pushchair, and also for those cosy cuddles at home.

Bruach Cashmere makes beautiful cashmere baby blankets that are both light and warm, soft to the touch, in both traditional and contemporary colours. Our baby blankets are hand crafted using heritage skills and the finest yarns.

Bruach Cashmere Blog #4 Travel wrap colour choices

It is no coincidence our colour palette is drawn from the landscape of Scotland.

While travelling defined and strong colours can provide an accent to our holiday wardrobe, or select from a versatile neutral palette.

Whilst in the Hebrides on the Isle of Harris, Luskentyre Beach inspired our Harris Purely Scottish travel wrap, with turquoise waters, white sands and heather clad mountains as a backdrop. These natural colour combinations can be echoed in your own travel wardrobe using the finest of Scottish Cashmere yarns.