We take time and dedication in sourcing some of the finest, as well as ethical, yarns.

We work in Scotland and enjoy the creative process with the hand knit artisans local to us. Making and designing garments that last, wraps and apparel that will increase in touch and feel through use and care.

We aim to work as sustainably as possible. The encompasses how we run our studio, the materials we use, how we make and work to packaging our garments, we achieve this in a number of ways:

  • Embracing ‘slow fashion’, for our customers to build a wardrobe to last.
  • Celebrating artisan fashion, our knitting artisans creating our cashmere wraps using hand-made and hand worked traditional crafts and skills.
  • Designing out waste from the start, through the design & manufacturing process.
  • Re using pre-consumer materials which would be destined for land fill.

Our Bruach Ethical collection uses yarn that is the first and only re-engineered cashmere. ReVerso™ is the brand of a new system for cashmere, integrated, transparent and traceable supply chain. ReVerso™ gathers selects and processes pre-consumer cashmere to produce responsible yarns for fashion. Targeting zero waste, conforming to the idea of a true circular economy. Raw materials are Global Recycling Standard (GRS) and SA8000 certified, with confirmed (Life Cycle Assessment). Re-Verso cashmere products, compared with similar but “conventional” products, provides the following savings per kilo of cashmere; -82% energy, -92% water, -97% CO2.

We collect all the cashmere waste from our garment production here in Scotland, and return it to the re-engineering process for the ReVerso™ yarn.

Carbon generated during the transport and delivery process is also redressed to a degree as a % of each garment sold creates a donation both to Scottish woodland development and habitat enhancement through donations to The Woodland Trust, helping to increase biodiversity within the Scottish landscape, and sequestrate carbon from the carbon cycle. Not perfect but going in the right direction.