Hand Intarsia is a traditional knitting technique, and the name means ‘inlaid by hand'. The skill uses a single piece of yarn for each area of colour. Knitting machines cannot achieve the same quality, nor patterns, as hand intarsia.

Our intricate and large designs can take many days to make. Our artisans work at a knitting frame, each strand of yarn is picked up by hand and placed precisely to create the pattern. The team creates our own charts, designs and measurements.

As late as the 1970’s and 1980’s, hundreds of people practiced this technique in the Scottish Borders. In 2018 there are only a handful of artisans left, the last practitioners. Historically the finest garments are produced in this way and are renowned all over the world.


Through a desire to innovate and to illustrate our skills we have created a contemporary ethical Leopard Print Travel wrap. The result is the world’s only ethical and hand intarsia travel wrap inlaid by hand.

Bruach Cashmere is unique in the way we combine both ethical production by our artisans and our choice of ethical ReVerso™ yarn. We have selected the yarn to give you the quality and patterns that a machine simply can’t produce.

Using ReVerso™ cashmere yarn, the world’s first and only re-engineered cashmere yarn for the fashion industry in Italy. This ethical and sustainable, non-virgin cashmere yarn shows how an integrated, transparent and traceable supply chain can be established to produce a truly sustainable and luxury garment.


Our artisans are an amazing group of people who, together, have over 200 years of experience, with a huge depth of skills and knowledge. They combine incredible hand eye co ordination, concentration and delicacy in all their work.


Ian has fifty-one years’ experience of hand intarsia. Ian started at Pringle of Scotland in 1966, then joined for Lyle & Scott hand knitting. Ian worked to master all aspects in the production of detailed fashion cashmere garments. Ian has since worked for most of the major fashion houses in Europe and North America. His skills and knowledge have been in demand for over fifty years. Truly a master of his art.


Derek has forty-three years hand intarsia experience including his apprenticeship. Derek started at Innerleithen with Ballantyne in hand intarsia when he was seventeen years old. He continued to study further and is trained in creating intarsia charts and knitting lines. Derek has worked in the current team since 2001. Derek’s skills have been mastered and fine tuned in that time, and alongside Bruce, he may be the most experienced person in Scotland in hand intarsia, what else can be said?


Bruce has forty-one years hand intarsia experience, including his apprenticeship when he started as trainee knitter at Lyle & Scott. Since then he has worked for a number of large knit wear specialists and moved on when Barrie Knitwear stopped doing hand intarsia. Bruce has worked in the current team since 2003. Bruce’s attention to detail and focus has taken him to the top of his profession.


Michelle has been hand sewing and finishing cashmere garments for thirty-eight years. She has worked in this specialist role since completing her apprenticeship. It is an extremely skilled role which Michelle finds very rewarding, especially when the finished garment is complete.


Joan also hand sews the cashmere garments and has been working for thirty-one years in the textile industry and this specialist role. The pressing and folding of the garments is attended by Joan who will also check the finished travel wraps.

The sewing completes the process, and the hand eye co-ordination required is considerable. Michelle and Joan’s knowledge and skill ensures all our wraps are finished to the most exacting standards.