Select one of the world’s finest knitted, purest pieces of cashmere couture. The palette of colour, pattern and technique have been combined and curated to offer the highest level of quality and beauty.

Imparting exclusivity and soul, our garments are created by human touch and skill. Our multi coloured and patterned travel wraps are created by hand intarsia not machine. Intarsia by hand achieves a quality and pattern that a knitting machine cannot.

★★★★★ “I love my wrap and wear it whenever I travel." - Christine, Scotland

To create a piece of Scotland that represents all of its sublime qualities is no small achievement. Using the finest Scottish yarn, soft Scottish water and rare hand skills of our knitting artisans. The yarns in our Purely Scottish collection come from one of the world’s leading cashmere spinners with over 150 years of heritage, considered to be the best.

Our Bruach Ethical wraps are the essence of luxury and sustainability. Using ReVerso™ cashmere yarn, the world’s first and only re-engineered cashmere yarn for the fashion industry in Italy. This ethical and sustainable, non-virgin cashmere yarn has been selected to produce a truly sustainable travel wrap.

Our leopard print has been combined with the finest Italian ReVerso™ cashmere yarn to create the world’s only Ethical Cashmere Leopard print. We are unique in the way we combine both ethical production by our artisans and our choice of ethical ReVerso™ cashmere yarn. The Leopard Print collection is created by hand intarsia, not machine. Intarsia ‘inlaid by hand' achieves a quality and pattern that a machine can’t produce.

Designed, knitted and hand made by Bruach with our pre-eminent textile artisans in Scotland, the Graphic Collection encapsulates authentic Scottish heritage skills and contemporary design. The result is an individual & unique garment created especially for you. Using only the finest Scottish cashmere yarns and rare intarsia techniques by our Scottish artisans, three distinctive colours have been selected to create a contemporary cashmere wrap.

We can provide the finest cashmere couture for bride, mother of the bride and bridesmaid for the special occasion. This hand-crafted knit is an essential accessory for any bridal ensemble, which can be worn as shawl or wrap to enjoy your day through to late evening. Intricately knitted to provide a light, breathable and warm wrap for travel, which can easily be transported in your hand luggage for your honeymoon.


Pronounced brú +‎ -ach 

bruach f 

  1. bank (of lake or river)
  2. brinkborderedgebrim

Bruach, Scottish Gaelic for the bank of a lake or river, was a very natural name for us encapsulating our home, ethos and heritage. The rivers of the Scottish Borders; the Teviot, Gala Water & Ettrick Water, where the historic mills of Hawick, Selkirk, Galashiels are all situated, to harness the water to power the mills over two hundred years. From Hawick, to the loch side location where the soft Scottish water is used to wash the cashmere yarn today. We cherish the precious Scottish water, perfect for cashmere yarn. to create the finest Bruach travel wraps.

The quality of Scottish water, that makes some of the finest whisky in the world, is unique. Scottish water is so soft that the yarn the washing process achieves a softness that imbues that cashmere with suppleness and strength.