The world’s only ethical and hand intarsia travel wraps “inlaid by hand” uniquely combine ethical & authentic production by our artisans and our choice ReVerso™ yarn. Our hand skills and the yarn give you the quality and patterns that a knitting machine simply can’t.
Using ReVerso™ cashmere yarn, the world’s first and only re-engineered cashmere yarn for the fashion industry in Italy. This ethical and sustainable, non-virgin cashmere shows how an integrated, transparent and traceable supply chain can be established to produce a truly sustainable and luxury garment.

★★★★★ “So exquisitely soft and luxurious." - Annabel, England

We have selected this ethical cashmere and sustainable, non-virgin yarn to produce a truly sustainable and luxury garment, knitted and finished in the Scottish Borders.

ReVerso™ is certified, so that you, as an ethical consumer, are “empowered to make a definitive choice”.  This sustainable & ethical cashmere Italian couture yarn is then hand crafted in the Scottish Borders.

With the softness, lightness and warmth of traditional cashmere, our Bruach Ethical Baby blanket is a sustainable, ethical cashmere and luxury blanket for babies and children.

Our Bruach Ethical wraps are the essence of luxury and sustainability for you and your bridal party on your wedding day. Using ReVerso™ cashmere yarn, the world’s first and only re-engineered cashmere yarn for the fashion industry in Italy.

We love cashmere, for it’s lightness, delicacy, strength and softness. But, we are conflicted, how can the fashion industry supply cashmere sustainably to mass produce garments for sale at low cost? There is a lot of focus right now on sustainable fashion, circular fashion, ethical fashion, and at Bruach Cashmere we wanted to address this, and create a truly ethical cashmere luxury wrap. 

We don’t create garments which are exclusively seasonal, with obsolescence in mind. Our Bruach Ethical wraps, whilst functional for travel, are an accessory you can use season after season, for travel, commuting, accessories, beach and country walks. 

The ReVerso™ cashmere yarn takes the pre consumer waste from the mills in Italy, collects and sorts the fibres, and then spun with a tiny bit of extra fine merino to reinforce the cashmere fibre. The result is a super soft re engineered cashmere yarn, made out of recycled cashmere – reducing waste and energy in the process.

We are excited about working together; mill, artisans and clients, to closed the fashion loop, developing colours and designs as our community grows.