model wearing a brown ethical cashmere travel wrap and silk blouse

Bruach Cashmere Blog #7 Ethical Cashmere

There is a lot of focus right now on sustainable fashion, circular fashion, ethical fashion, and at Bruach Cashmere we wanted to address this, and create a truly ethical cashmere travel wrap.

We don’t create garments which are exclusively seasonal, nor with obsolescence in mind. Our Bruach Ethical wraps, whilst functional for travel, are an accessory you can use season after season, for travel and commuting. Our garments are handcrafted in the Scottish Borders, using hand intarsia skills, and bespoke for each customer.

The ReVerso™ cashmere yarn takes the pre-consumer waste from the mills in Italy, collects and sorts the fibres, and then spun with a tiny bit of extra fine merino to reinforce the cashmere fibre. The result is a super soft re-engineered cashmere yarn, made out of recycled cashmere – considerably reducing waste and energy in the process. All the waste generated in the mill from the production of the travelwraps is returned to be used within the manufacturing process.

We are excited about working together; mill, artisans and clients, to close the fashion loop, developing colours and designs as our community grows.

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