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Bruach Cashmere Blog #5 Bruach Bride

Bruach’s classic cashmere bridal wrap is guaranteed to go with any style of wedding gown, drape it casually around your shoulders or hold in place with an exquisite statement brooch.

A cashmere bridal wrap is a perfect for accessory for a bride, or her bridesmaids, adapted to suit through the day. A hand crafted Bruach Cashmere travelwrap makes a treasured gift for mother of the bride too. Bruach Cashmere has a broad selection of colours to co-ordinate and compliment any outfit / design, both in a Purely Scottish cashmere, or our Bruach Ethical cashmere range.

Whatever the style or theme of your wedding, a cashmere bridal wrap from Bruach Cashmere will serve you on the day itself, on your honeymoon travels, and for many years after.

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