Bruach Cashmere Blog #1

Bruach Cashmere is the antithesis of disposable and fast fashion.

Bruach Cashmere are committed to developing not only our designs, but our ethics and dedicated approach sustainability.

Bruach Cashmere is located, designed, and hand made by pre-eminent textile artisans in Scotland. Our mission is to encapsulate authentic Scottish heritage skills, contemporary design and strong ethic within our work and each garment we make.

Bruach Cashmere knows the provenance of our yarn, where it originated from and when it was selected. This process is vital as it establishes the origin, character and quality. The yarns for our Purely Scottish Collection comes from the finest and one of the oldest mills in Scotland and our ethical ReVerso yarn from Tuscany and Italian fashions best.

With either of these amazing yarns we then work with our knitting artisans in the Scottish Borders to create wraps of textural elegance. The people we work with in this area can be described as some of the best in the world.

Cashmere Wraps