autumn coloured beech tree leaves

BLOG #11 Còsagach

Colsie / kol-zee /, or Còsagach, is an innate Scottish term that describes the act of embracing autumn, and the seasonal evenings, as the night draws in and the simple pleasures of warmth and cosiness indoors.

It is not surprising really that the Scots, like the other Northern European & Nordic countries, have their own tradition for embracing colder months through autumn and winter. It is all about celebrating the cosy moments, with roaring fires & snuggling with your loved ones.

According to VisitScotland, còsagach is “based on an old Scottish word for feeling snug, sheltered, and warm.” Scotland is known for its stunning scenery, from mountains to beaches, woodland and rivers. There are also many ways to enjoy Scotland in the autumn and winter from inside warm log cabins and cottages.

Your essential kit for colsie moments:



Roaring fire

Warm socks

Hot tea

Oversized sweater

Outdoor elements

Cosy blanket / travelwrap / shawl.

Let us all head out, enjoy the striking seasonal changes and embrace winter’s darkness and enjoy our very own colsie moments.

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