★★★★★ “So exquisitely soft and luxurious." - Annabel, England

Our artisans make what are widely regarded as the finest travel wraps and shawls in the world. The soul and quality of a garment is created by human touch and skill. Our multi coloured and patterned travel wraps are created by hand intarsia, not machine.

Intarsia ‘inlaid by hand' is a very rare traditional knitting technique and is renowned all over the world as the finest. Knitting machines cannot achieve the same quality or pattern that Scotland’s exceptional artisans can offer.

Please explore our contemporary, ethical, and classic travel wrap collections.


Our mission is to design and craft the finest cashmere travel wraps. Each cashmere travel wrap is shaped by the skilled touch of pre-eminent Scottish hand intarsia specialists in the Scottish Borders. 

Our ethical commitment is the antithesis of today’s disposable and fast fashion world. You can be assured that we work very hard to enhance and develop our ethical & sustainable approach ongoing.

Cashmere Travel Wrap

Bruach Cashmere travel wraps are made to enhance your travel experience by introducing style, elegance and exquisite texture. Choose from our hand crafted Purely Scottish, Ethical, or hand knitted intarsia patterns, for ethical luxury and classic style. The essential item for international travel and the definitive travel companion. 

Bruach Cashmere travel wraps can be arranged to create a compact scarf, stole or bridal shawl around your shoulders, and a warm blanket for flights or boat travel. A stylish garment to take you elegantly through your journey. Our fine cashmere is intricately knitted to provide a light, breathable, yet warm wrap that can be easily kept in hand luggage when not worn. You will discover that the cashmere travel wrap is the one essential garment for your international travel that adds to the overall experience.

Seasonal Accessories

Whether you need a stylish warm wrap for summer, cosy winter scarf for autumn winter months, or searching for the perfect luxurious gift, Bruach Cashmere travel wraps are of the finest quality and authentic Scottish excellence.

Worn and adapted from wrap, to scarf, to shawl, to stole, to cape.

The simple addition of a cashmere travel wrap / scarf to your wardrobe, provides a light, warm, luxurious layer when the temperature cools.

Bruach Ethical

The Bruach Ethical collection has been designed to combine the finest Scottish artisan skills and ReVerso™ cashmere yarn, the world’s first and only re-engineered cashmere yarn for the fashion industry.

By targeting zero waste, and reducing water, energy and C02 consumption in the production process, the result is a truly circular product life cycle. The ReVerso™ yarn, made in Italy, is produced in an integrated, transparent and fully traceable supply chain.

We aim to work as sustainably as possible. This encompasses how we run our studio, the materials we use, how we make and work to packaging our garments, we achieve this in a number of ways:

  • Embracing ‘slow fashion’, for our customers to build a wardrobe to last.
  • Celebrating artisan fashion, our knitting artisans creating our cashmere travel wraps using hand-made and hand worked traditional crafts and skills.
  • Designing out waste from the start, through the design & manufacturing process.

Our Bruach Ethical collection uses yarn that is the first and only re-engineered cashmere. ReVerso™ is the brand of a new system for cashmere; an integrated, transparent and traceable supply chain. ReVerso™ gathers selects and processes pre-consumer cashmere to produce responsible yarns for fashion.

Raw materials are Global Recycling Standard (GRS) and SA8000 certified, with confirmed (Life Cycle Assessment). Re-Verso cashmere products, compared with similar but “conventional” products, provides the following savings per kilo of cashmere; -82% energy, -92% water, -97% CO2.

We collect all the cashmere waste from our garment production here in Scotland, and we return it to the re-engineering process for the ReVerso™ yarn.

Carbon generated during the transport and delivery process is also redressed to a degree as a % of each garment sold creates a donation both to Scottish woodland development and habitat enhancement through donations to The Woodland Trust, helping to increase biodiversity within the Scottish landscape, and sequestrate carbon from the carbon cycle. Not perfect but going in the right direction.



Astounding precision & beauty

Knitting by hand is a craft that requires a depth of knowledge and experience. Hand knitting provides a tightness of knit and balance that helps our beautiful cashmere hold it’s shape. Take the quality of a perfectly tensioned knit, it will pill less and bounce back if over stretched or pulled.


Lightness & strength

These stunning works are hand crafted and finished, and our colour palette is derived from the Scottish landscape. Subtle greys and blues with warmer mulberry and sand, with a lightness of touch, and warmth when enveloped in cashmere, the aesthetic will endure beyond seasonal fashion, particularly given its ethical and traditional provenance.

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